System doesn't work proplerly

Hello me and my team are having some problems with what we think is the electrical system.
When we deploy the code to the crio and enable it the robot drives only backwards (one joystick is working out of 2), when we run it forward it runs for a second and stops and all with delay like it gets pulses.
if it helps the “bat” and “5v” lights on the sicecar are flashing and buzzing. the jaguars lights are not stable (sometimes green and sometimes red)
the led light isn’t flashing too.
Please help us if we can we are hopeless…
Thank you all.

This is likely a wiring problem, or at least started as one.

Isolate the issue by removing all circuit breakers from the PD except the one that powers the DSC. Check to see if the buzzing / flashing goes away. If it does, re-insert breakers one at a time until the problem comes back. Examine the wiring in that branch and look for shorts to the chassis. Remember, the Banebots 775 motor often shorts to the case.