System for Field Building: Organization, Planning, Execution

I uploaded an Excel Workbook I use to plan and organize our field building - we’ve used this system to build a full scrimmage field for the last several years.

The workbook tallies supplies needed and generates sorted lists and labels to identify parts during the field build, as well as detailed construction and assembly instructions. Also includes A Pre-Build Checklist and handouts I use with my parent volunteers.

General idea is to make the wooden field pieces mimic competition pieces closely and be robot-proof. New concepts this year are to make the pieces articulate with the FIRST standard field and to use sturdy removable legs, which can be removed for more compact storage and for re-use in future years.

Since this year’s game has not been released yet, the instructions include plans for making field perimeter pieces, but no field pieces yet. I’m posting this now so people can see it and consider using it for their field builds this year.

I’ll post a version with this year’s field pieces added in the week after kickoff.