System for team members to sign up for future meetings?

I have seen teams discuss here on CD various systems for publishing their team meeting/event calendars and for tracking/logging hours.

We are looking for a system to coordinate around 25 student and adult team members during the 6 week Build and the Competition seasons. We would like to have team members sign up for particular days and hopefully coordinate with other team members i.e. get most of the electrical team members and the electrical mentor all present on at least 2 days each week.

We have considered using Google Calendar or an EXCEL spread sheet but each day will get too much information on it, making it difficult to use.

The team is meeting on 5 days each week because so many of the members have schedule conflicts. No team member is expected to attend all 5 meetings each week.

What suggestions do you all have?

3946 has created posts in slack for events and asked everyone to upvote/downvote/questionvote on whether they were going to be there. The post showed the counts, and you could mouse over it and find out who specifically was planning to be there.

If your schedule would repeat weekly (i.e. same days each week), then you could try

We use Decent app and web interface. Designed for sports teams so it has a few shortcomings, but overall we are really liking it.

Worth pointing out that having a system for students to list their availability doesn’t necessarily mean that they will reliably use that system. :roll_eyes:

Which tier are you using ( If you’re not using the free tier, was it roster size or one of the other features that drove you to that tier?

Which plan is your team using? What shortcomings are you finding? I was unable to find any screenshots on their website. Do you have any you are able to share?

We are using premium tier, roster size was the major driving factor. I honestly forget what the other features were but we probably didn’t really need anything other than the roster size.

There are no huge shortcomings but it is designed for sports teams so while you can create
‘games’ and ‘events’, games are basically useless for us.

Our biggest struggle honestly is getting students to reliably enter their availability. We are also using the “assignments” feature for parents to sign up for team meals. It is a little bit clunkier than signupgenius that we were using before, but worth the change to keep schedule and meal information all in one place. We are actively working with TeamSnap on their export availability tool for tracking attendance offline. Currently we have too many events and it won’t let us export.

Good things are that you can send out notifications about canceled meetings easily and all team members can subscribe to an iCal feed to get the calendar on their devices.

Here is what availability tracking looks like:

Calendar after entering the schedule:

The event creation tool:

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The Basic level might just work for the students and mentors. If parents providing meals are also integrated, then we would probably have to go up to the Premium level too.

Our team uses slack for communication and signup genius for signing up for meetings.

Good news! Parents don’t have to take up a slot on your roster. Their email address can be added to their student’s account so that they can have access but it only counts as one roster slot.

Does your team pay for a subscription year round or do you drop off after the end of April and restart in the fall?

We use slack for general announcements and when setting up events, but our schedule is as follows.
Build Season: M T W [5:30-8:00] F [5:30-10:00] S [8:00-10:00] Sun [10:00-10:00]
Off Season: M W [5:30-8:00]

To log time, we have a sign in chart, holding the team to the honesty policy

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We meet year-round in one way or another so we just pay the yearly subscription.

We use the $129 a year teamsnap plan as well. It works well for us.