System ID Swerve Characterization Dynamic forward and Backward tests cause jittering

When I run the Quastistic tests on our swerve drive, the modules behave expectedly i.e. it accelerates and moves forwards and backwards like it is supposed to but when we run the Dynamic tests on the drivetrain, it causes jittering.

I’d bet you’re either browning out or tripping breakers. Can you share the DS logs?

Video: Swerve Jittey dynamic test sys id - YouTube
Oh yeah. I checked the logs and it is definitely browning out,. I’m working another computer so I can’t share the logs easily but it does say I have like 75 brownouts.

Then yeah, I’d guess you just need a less crappy battery. But could also be too much current draw from your drive motors.

Oh, that could be the reason. my battery is at like 11.6 volts. I will try that.

I changed the battery, but now, it jitters for a few seconds in the beginning and then moves forwards like it’s supposed to. This causes me to get erroneous data. If I can filter out the jittering data from the beginning of the test, I feel like it would give me correct data.

You could also try decreasing the step voltage until the jitter goes away.
And then make sure to set a current limit in your actual drive code.

Yeah, I already had voltage limits set in my code. It turns out the batteries I was using were new and we just plugged them up so the voltage was low. I need to check the battery voltage before I run the code next time :sweat_smile:

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