T-shirt designs: honoring Woodie on team shirts?

My FLL team that I mentor is thinking of putting something on the sleeve of our shirt to honor Woodie Flowers. Is anyone else doing something similar? If there’s a design other teams are using, would they be willing to share it?


I thought about that… but we usually do a generic shirt every year. The main difference is the sponsors from year to year, and 2017 is the only year that should have yellow/gold flames instead of red/orange.

In the “Remembering Woodie Photos” thread, I asked if someone could do something similar to Mark Leon’s “Do the Math, Save the World” sticker. I would be able to print it out and stick it on the robot.


I was talking to my husband about something like this earlier. He made the suggestion of something like #ThanksWoodie as a simple design of words somewhere on the shirt. I liked the idea because I could do it real simply with my cricut and iron it on without having to pay to have the screen printer do it. (We also use the same type of shirt every year with just the sponsors changed) We could also put it wherever we want on the shirt, like the sleeve.


I think having people put #ThanksWoodie on their team shirts this year would be something really cool, especially if a lot of teams participated. It would be something consistent and recognizable throughout the entire FIRST community. Having teams do their own thing would be cool too, but I really like the idea of that.

I definitely plan on having my team put this on the shirt


I also thing the #ThanksWoodie idea is a really great one!


+1 on the #ThanksWoodie

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That’s a really cool idea. It might be a bit big for t-shirt sleeves, but some of the kid were suggesting long sleeves or sweatshirts since comps are in the winter. I’ll definitely Carry that on!

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I went on my cricut design to see what size I could get it. I ended up with either 1" tall and 6.5" long, or .75" tall and 5" long. I used MS PGothic font (though I played with the kerning a little)

I think the 5" long would work on the edge of a t-shirt sleeve. Though I do like the idea of using larger letters to go down a long sleeve too, we don’t really have any of our team shirts long sleeve.

FYI: I saved my file as public under #ThanksWoodie on cricut design space if anyone wants to use it. I only upload my own designs so I don’t know how you would find it, but if someone knows they’re welcome to it. :smiley:

Edit: apparently you just need the url … so here it is

Team 3182 will be honoring WF on our shirts this year. How is unknown, but my idea is that we have our team name, number, then under it is “In Memoriam to Woodie Flowers”.

I feel as if, if a team can do it if they change shirts every year, they should. If not a lil’ sticker on the robot or something can be good.

A friend of mine made this: woodie_quote

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I love the #ThanksWoodie idea. I think I’ll try to convince my team to do it when we come to shirt design time.


Team 5943 made sure to put #ThanksWoodie on our robot, driver station, and pit (no picture) today at Robot Rumble.


That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Team 5406 is planning on having Woodie Flowers memorial stickers to give out at the STEMley Cup. Something like this:

I like the #ThanksWoodie idea.


Thank you all for the response! Our shirts came in today and they have #ThanksWoodie on the sleeves! We also made stickers. Here’s the shirts.


I love the idea and the shirts @BriFRC. I’ll try to remember to mention it to our associated teams too.

1646 actually already started doing this!

At Boiler Bot Battle this last weekend, we were accepting 3+ dollar donation to the Woodie Flowers Foundation and on-site hot-pressing the below logo onto the sleeve of teams shirts. If anyone is interested in getting some iron on’s for their team’s shirt or vinyl stickers, let me know with either a reply or a pm.


We’ve had very good success using iron-on vinyl cut out material. They have machines like the Cricut that can cut numbers out for you in any fancy font you’d like, you peel off the backing and then iron it on with either a normal iron or a hot press.

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