T-Shirt Fundraising Request for Help

I am considering creating and selling a Bomb Squad booster type of t-shirt as a fundraiser. Can any of you recommend an online T-shirt company that is good and cheap? It would be simply lettering (one color) on the back and front - no multi-color graphics or anything. Our official team shirts are printed here in town and I like to support local businesses, but paying $14 per shirt with white lettering only is not useful for a fundraising project.


Meredith, you need to find a different local supplier. No way one color front and back should cost so much.

When i had my band, we used Spreadshirt.com to design our shirts. we had one made on the site and it costed about 16 dollars. we then took it to a local business and had them recreate it at about $8 a piece for 24 pieces. usually if you get at least 24 (+/- a few depending on the company), the screen will be free with the purchase.

I know. Small town. There has been no competition locally. You’ve seen the Bomb Squad shirts - nothing to them. I have 3 teams and 5 members in my family; we spend A LOT on t-shirts. (One reason I am so grateful to IFI for letting us use 16 as the VEX team number, so we can just use our FRC shirts!)

Well, I’d pay twice that for any Bomb Squad shirt so maybe it’s not a problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Cafepress has some bulk deals last time I checked.

Hi Meredith-

I just got a quote from a local supplier here for a simple black T-Shirt with our 4 color logo on the front and nothing on the back and it was $ 7.50 a shirt. If we put something on the back with one color I can’t think it would be that much more. Do you want me to check with them and see what it would be for your shirts? I don’t know what shipping would be but I would be willing to check for you if you want. Let me know. ::safety:: Kris Carey Team 1625 Winnovation

Morning Meredith-

It all depends on the quality of the shirt, but here are some vendors I have had contact with (and in some cases ordered from)

Dan Holzer

Charlotte Holliday
www.queensboro.com (great cheap embroidered polos)

mimi wakefield
www.casual-friday.com (a little pricier)

[email protected] (he’s local to Rochester but did have the best prices- you’d have to talk to him to see what his ship options are)

edit: Wendy (team 1902) had communicated with me about shirts when I was looking.

Good Luck!

We’ve had good luck with Custom Ink. Quick turnaround, good quality, competitive prices.

Thanks guys for all your help. It is against our school’s policy to give away, trade, or sell the official Bomb Squad shirts and since we pay so much for them, we couldn’t afford it anyway!

That is why I am trying to come up with a cheaper “unofficial” shirt to use for trading, fundraising, etc.

I’m curious - what will your fundraising tee say? We’ve talked about how careful your team has to be regarding its name. Also, I think this is a great way to respect the school policy and find an alternate way for a fundraiser.

When you’re ready for orders, I want one!


If you’re feeling a little crafty, (and since it’s one color a side) you could easily screenprint your own design on whatever t-shirts you can buy cheap.

Will cost a little bit to get started (for screenprinting stuff * and paints), but it’s easy to make as many as you want whenever you want.

Seems a little crazy, but I think it’s fun.

Recently made 15 shirts for a family reunion will try to post a pic.*

We have some funny phrases we use in our documentation/ bus plan and such and I am thinking about using those. Maybe I will do a different one every year, so everyone has to get a new shirt!

One of our mentors found a shirt that says “Bomb Technician - if you see me running, try and keep up.” So I was thinking of something like “I am with the Bomb Squad. If you see me running, try and keep up” on the back and then our 3 teams’ numbers on the front.


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