T-Shirt Poll

Okay, I’m polling CD users on what they think will be more appropriate, yet still funny on a T-Shirt. They are going to be safety orange.

  1. “A Soldier Never Goes Into Battle Without His Safety Glasses - Spartacus 2007”

  2. “Did You Bring Protection? (Safety FIRST)”

I’m leaning towards the first, but the second was my original idea. I’m going to make two of them, one is for myself to wear on Thursday and the other is for the winner of Andy Baker’s contest for the person with the most original alliance selection/acceptance saying. The one given away will be XL.

Also, will someone close this after 3:00PM CST? That’s when I’m going to leave to get the shirts made. If there’s no response, which frequently happens when I post things, then I will go with choice number one.

Thank you, enjoy.

EDIT: Okay, number 1 it is, well, it doesn’t say “Spartacus 2007” there wasn’t enough room. I’ve gotten the shirt made out and will be presenting it to Andy Baker in Atlanta (or at least to the TechnoKats to give to AB).