T Shirt Supplier?

does anyone know the name (website) or phone number of a reputable company that would be willing to make custom t-shirts for a robotics company?


A robotics company? Surely you mean our team, not company! I say figure stuff like this out after we are done with our robot.
I know you’re not done with the programming.


New Jersey is pretty far. A place in the SF bay area is what we would prefer.

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Yeah. I saw that, i should have noted that in my post, becuase i’m specifically looking for 3 colors at least.

Yes! this is team 1324 and we just posted a T shirt helps for teams. We bought all our FLL uniforms from them and we will be ordering our 2004 shirts from them also. see them at printmeonline.org

From expierence, thats not something you want to put off…sometimes it could take a month, or month and a half depending on what kind of shirts you want and what you want on them…I’d say get that done ASAP