T-Shirt trading at Championships

I will once again be trading these t-shirts for one of your teams t-shirts.
First come-first traded. I have 5 Larges and 5 X-Larges.

Those shirts are cool, but iratating when sevaral members wear them at meetings!

I already have one of those shirts, but since we are on the topic of trading, I have a MAYHEM shirt I am willing to trade for a medium. It is a small BUT the same as a medium, but it is from a while ago and our team shirts are only get a little longer when you order sizes larges and up. So there is no difference between smalls and mediums and a slight difference from S,M and L+. Only difference is width between every size.

I will be trading shirts also. I will probably be going pit to pit, but if anyone knows an easier way to trade, or if some want to make plans now PM me ! =]

I have 5 #2337 shirts. Chances are I’ll be in the our pits, or going pit-to-pit. Send a pm if you’re interested.

These are really cool! I still have mine from last year :wink:

We will have team t-shirts of all sizes.
Stop by our pit and grab one!
One condition though, only if you give us one of yours.

One of mine or one of my team’s? I have plenty of Kettering ones to trade if people are interested. (One unintended consequence of working for the university is you tend to acquire many many shirts) Speaking of which, I am not sure which ones KU will be giving away this year but for anyone who wanted a Leftover Parts shirt I have a couple I can trade.

Awwww, i don’t think my team has any extra shirts :(, i saw one of those at Midwest and was left wondering where they came from… I guess i have to hope that you have them again next year. And to whoever gets them, haha youre lucky :p.

Sounds good! We’ll take anything robotics related and previously unworn.:wink:

I’ll be trading 3 Shaker (2791) shirts at Champs. I would love to exchange with old and new friends alike. If you’re looking for 1714 gear, we still have the cheesehead raffle; while it’s not a T-shirt, you don’t have to trade to (potentially) earn one.

I’ll have one Enginerds t-shirt to trade for competition… please PM me. Otherwise, I’ll be looking around for partners in Atlanta.

If anyone wants an 1124 shirt, I’d be more than willing to buy some extras before the competition. PM me if you’re interested!

I have a couple XL 68 shirts, i’m searching for a XL 111 shirt and i’m not particular on which year. check me out, ill have the Blue and Orange Liberty Spikes

I have 1676 shirts that I’d like to trade (mostly XLs that I’ve acquired) but I’m looking for a M or L. PM me if you’d like to trade!

I’ve got a gazillion ThunderChicken shirts that I’ll be bringing to Atlanta to trade. I’m kinda picky though, so if you want one, bring your best. I’ll be inspecting mostly if you want to come find me, I’ll be wearing the Indiana Jones hat. I’ll also be at the webhug and doing the traditional wandering-aroundness.

Rather than PMing everyone posting here.
If you want to trade with us, come by our pit and we’ll trade with everyone that comes by as long as we have shirts left.

I dunno about trading my personal shirts, but I’ll see if I can get a hold of some Metal Mustang shirts/sweatshirts. But the big thing we’ll trade are our trademark silver hats. But you’ll have to get them early; there’s only limited quantity!

I usually have about 3-4 Killer Bee shirts that I like to trade. They’re all size small though. I’ll definitely be going to check out 359 and perhaps get a Hawaiian team’s shirt. That’d be pretty cool.

Tim…don’t say it…

I’m looking for a 148,1114 and 217 shirt. If anyone from these temas would like to trade send me a PM.

I’ll be looking for any cool Team shirts,
I think I have 6 or 8 12VoltBolt(1557) shirts from this year and last year to trade.

If anyone is interested Ill be hanging out with 1902 in Atlanta or just walking around pit-to-pit with my camera. pm me.