OKAY here’s a stupid propostion( sp???)

I’m into collecting things…being I’m a die hard FIRSTer now I wanna see if I can collect other team’s t-shirts…old and new…

So I was wondering if anyone has any extra t-shirts they can spare…I’d be willing to take them off you hands…
I’ll send you my address and you can send me the shirt…I’ll even send the shippin money to you!
I’m begging for shrits…
Love Nikki1

Yes! I’d like to participate in some T-Shirt trading as well!

I’ll even trade a 668 shirt from this year for any other team’s shirt! (until I get yelled at by the adult advisor, then I can pay people for the cost of their shirts if needed.)

Wouldn’t it be cool to be clothed in FIRST 365 days a year? :slight_smile:

i’ll hook both of you up with team 88 tie-dye- each one unique and orignal (we make them ourselves) if you’re interested, pm me

hey i guess i could fit in here. im a clothing engineer major (aka as fashion design).

i alter t-shirts. so if any one wants a team shirt altered i can more than likely do that.

those of you at nationals might have seen me wandering around with a one of a kind wildstang tank top and my friend wearing a wildstang tube top.

so if your up for it…send me a team t-shirt…and ill send you a one of a kind team t-shirt creation back.

oringinal wildstang t-shirt…


my transformed wildstang t-shirt…


ill give u one of my shirts from last year and ill try to get u one of this years too…but i want a SPAM shirt and one of the tye dye…and a Wild Stang too

soo if u wanna hook me up…pm me :smiley:

I had to pay $5 bucks to a team to get a shirt, but the team’s name was team Talon, which is my name, so it wasn’t a bad deal.

wow drksdofthemoon tht is pretty cool
how long do it take you d do soemthign liek that one that you posted?
and how mch doe it cost…i hae a team o girls that may be interested!!!

Love ya all

Go SPAM!!!

yes, drksdofthemoon, that is pretty impressive work! Wow.

I would trade t-shirts, but I already did it… on the way back from the epcot party, someone from team 34 turns around and is like, “Hey, wanna swap t-shirts?” Unlike her, I didn’t have any extras, so I just, er, quickly took my shirt off, gave it to her, and took her extra shirt. Apparently it wasn’t quick enough though - someone in the crowd walked by, shouted, “ooo! a naked kid!” and snapped a pic of my sexy, sexy body wink wink Anyways, long story short, I don’t have any shirt to trade =D

im glad you like them. it took a few days to cut design and sew together one shirt. but for the cost…i would just say a little more than the cost of shipping and materials. but if your serioulsy interested id be more than happy to make them for you. hopefully i can get my name out this way.

i think i might have an old gear grinders t-shirt that i can trade. but i dont have a wildstang t-shirt to trade.

thanx again.


Well, I’ll see what I can do Nikki

I have 3 team tshirts…and…well…

I’ll see. Considering one of my team mates threw his shirt at Mandy Moore…why couldn’t I give one to you

Thanks hun
You don’t know how much I’d lvoe you if you gave me a shirt.




I saw that altered Stang shirt at Nats… that thing is the shiz. THE shiz! It inspired me, as a matter of fact. I’m working on some alterations to a SPAM shirt. I thought adding some hoisery might be cool… but that could just end up being really sweaty. Oh well, I’ll figure out something.