T3 Kickoff Animation Showcase

Hey guys!

I just wanted to share the animation that I and a co-team member worked on to be displayed at the Northville MI remote kickoff workshops.

I know that it isnt great, the lighting, textures, and even modeling are below my standards. (Very limited time!)

But tell me what you think!

PS: We created EVERYTHING in this animation.

LOL Enjoy.

http://www.trucktown68.com/ani.wmv (7,363 KB)

It looks GREAT! You guys are good! I would kind of like to be able to do stuff like that but I barely have enough patience to do video. haha. Your audience will enjoy it.

Thanks a lot.

Did anyone catch this at the MI remote kickoff?

apparantlly not!

has any one taken a look at it?

i recentlly updated it. take a look.