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I have a sort of stupid question to ask the Chief Delphi Community. I am looking for a picture of the mini truck that my team (truck town), had at nats this year. If anyone has a good picture, could you please upload it, or send it to me? Being a driver this year, i didnt have a chance to get a lot of pictures of stuff, and i’m making a little display of cool stuff from this year. See, that body was just painted, and i hadn’t seen the color yet (hot-rod purple), so it was a pretty cool thing for our team this year. New colors are always fun! So, if anyone has a picture, please upload it or send it to me!

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dude… chill its been exactly 15 minutes since you asked…


here ya go…



How big is your guy’s mini truck. I remember seeing it for the first time w/o a person inside thinking “well, they cant fit a person in there.” Then I saw a person in there, and well, ya. Does it fit thorugh a doorway?

Well, its not east to fit through doors, you have to have 2 doors open to get through. But, so far, we havent had any problems with it. And you can drive the thing.

I can imagine it came in handy at Nats, being able to drive it up those ramps.

Totally helpful. We used it everytime. That thing hauls.

I saw you guys come cruising in a couple of times. It’s pretty fast when you can get it going across the open stadium floor.

Do you guys have any cad files (or anything like that) that you would be able to share?

If you can’t upload them to cd.com, please e-mail them to me:

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Uh, lol, the chances of getting that are slim to none. We modeled the truck for our animation, but its not perferct. However, the body is a 1/8 scale model of the real silverado, so the chaces of finding, or distributing a real file are nonexistant. However, i would gladlly take some detailed pictures and post them on our website.

if you would, please. I would like to specifically know what system do you use to turn? CV joints, U-Joints, or something totaly different…

Is that Truck Electric or Gas powered? That thing is cool

From seeing it at the Phoenix regional, I know that it is electric and I believe it is rear wheel drive eliminating the need for CV or U joints.

And Matt, I like you’re title and pic. Jeeps rule.

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**Totally helpful. We used it everytime. That thing hauls. **

indeed it did. Allthough I remember at Nats after the seedings when we got worried and thought that we were going to be late, but then we ended up showing up 30 minutes early because their timing was screwed up, and because they said the wrong alliances were going first. It was so much fun partnering with you guys, but I think that we still beat you there…running. hehehe, such a cool truck…:slight_smile:

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**From seeing it at the Phoenix regional, I know that it is electric and I believe it is rear wheel drive eliminating the need for CV or U joints.

And Matt, I like you’re title and pic. Jeeps rule. **

That is what i thought. I would like to make one, but a 4x4 one. That is what i was wondering about the joints, if it was front wheel drive…

Thanks for the comment for the pic. People tell me that I am crazy for loving Jeeps like i do, but they are probally one of the toughest vehicles out there. (Make sure you get the 4.0 I-6!!)

What do you guys use to run the thing, motor wise? Thanks.

Ok Folks, ill bring out the specifics for all of you. I know lots about this truck!

The batteries are 12volts each, there are 4 of them. They are wired in series, and weigh 80lbs each. They are marine batteries.

The motor is a 6hp electric motor that was purchased from daewood, i think.

It has disk brakes, neon lights, an air horn, strobe lights, and a siren.

The bodys were created by our team. GM makes 1/3 scale models of all vehicles, so, we made a mold of the 97’ sierra, and made bodies (4 of them) using molding of fiberglass and other materials.

Our body colors are: red, yellow with blue flames, white with blue stripes, and our newest addition; hot-rod purple.

We can tow a robot on the back of our truck, or on the trailer that attaches to it. Or both.

We are planning to re-build the chassis (basically an old steel go-kart) to a lighter aluminum one this summer.

We are also hoping to have different bodys for it; Hummer 2, Escalade, Denali, Silverado, are a few names that we have been asking our advisors to look into for us.

We are defineatelly adding a lifting system to the truck, and to the trailer. Wether we use lead screws or pnumatics have not been determined.

We will remake the entire trailer this summer. We want a plexiglass and polished aluminum body, and a wider wheel base. And rubber tires. We are also going to add more lights.

Our final plans for the truck include a sterio. I will be putting this in, I hope. GM has gotten some speakers and amps for us out of H2’s (all Bose), and we always have head-units laying around.

Thank you for your interist in our mini-truck. Check back at our website later for detailed pictures. I’ll go take some right away.

some of you may or may have not saw our mercedes sitting next to the t3 truck, here is a pic of it

there are more pictures


its powered by a Bosh motor that was orginally for a electric bike, with a 12v battery for a lawnmower, it has a disc brake and can take a person or 2 to 6fps it has strobes in the headlights and one under the liscence plate, it had a skull shifter knob but someone stole it at nats and the most annoying horn ever! we didnt have time to make a trailer for it, but it has the power to pull the bot behind it.