Tableau activation 2022?

Has anyone successfully activated Tableau using the new code provided by FIRST in the dashboard for this season?

When I try and activate, I get “Your Tableau Desktop License has expired. Contact Tableau to renew your license.” Is this just a case where it doesn’t start working until after kickoff?



We have ran into the same issue. I pinged FIRST about it, but have not head back from them yet.

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That’s we see also even after uninstalling the previous version and trying a fresh install.

Curious what you use Tableau for in FRC?

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any update from FIRST? its still wont activate to me…

Nope they ghosted me.

I talked to our scouting mentor (we also use Tableau) and he said they changed the FIRST license to only January - April. Unfortunately, this makes any sort of off-season teaching or prep very hard

Tableau has been so weird with their FIRST licence donations, and it makes no sense at all. I’m fairly sure its been directly asked of them to make it a 1 year license too.

It further makes no sense since they already offer 1 year free student licenses which can be a workaround for teams.

This has been a yearly struggle. Tableau is fantastic, but he licensing has us evaluating other optons.


It’s January and it is still won’t activate… Is there a way to activate or at least a way to contact FIRST about this issue?

Its very likely that “January” means Kickoff, or Jan 8th. If it isint working by the 10th, i’d be bugging the FRC Team Advocate (and you’d likely wouldn’t be the only one).

It’s still not working for me–who can I contact? What is this FRC Team Advocate of which you speak?

It’s not working for my team either. We’ve reached out to FIRST but haven’t heard back. Following this thread in case anyone gains traction.

2 Likes is the contact, they are meant to advocate for the teams to FIRST about issues you have, big and small.

You can learn more about the role here, though Jamee left the role in late 2020.

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Also having this issue. I just sent an email off to Tableau directly to see if they will help at all.

We reached out AND heard back! They are looking into it. When I get an update I will post it here.


Update–they refreshed the codes on the dashboard. So if you log in and grab the new code, you should be good to go.


The updated license key worked like a charm. Good luck with your Tableau development, teams!

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