Where do we get more tags for the bags?


Also from manual:


Information on where to obtain additional tags can be found on the Where to Get More? document on the Kit of Parts website.

If you run out of the tags supplied, you may use any commercially available serialized security tags.
If you need to lock up your robot and are not able to obtain additional tags in time, you may use a cable tie and create a numbered label yourself.
Inspectors will pay close attention to these home-made tags. Be prepared for additional discussion.

As per the 2014 “Where to Get More” document, http://www.americancasting.com/.

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whoops - Mark’s got you covered.

If you are at an event, then you can get them from spare parts also.

Q392 says “there is no requirement that the specific tags from the KOP be used.” This implies that any serial numbered zip-tie/seal/equipment tag that functions similarly to the KOP tag is acceptable.