Taigene Motor Specs

Does anybody know what the specifications of the Taigene motor are?
Torque, RPM and so on…
I haven’t been able to find any. Has is not been published yet?

Here’s a link to a white paper with all the motor specs from 2006; there’s a PDF in there for the Taigene (Van Door) motor.


Be aware that that isn’t the exact same motor. It’s probably a good starting point, but the model numbers are different. (They look like they’re for the same application, though.)

So how can I found it out? Will it be published later in the build season?

We pulled out the 2005 motor for comparison, and found it ran a considerably different speed. So to start, we measured this years motor at 46RPM unloaded. Got the same results both directions. No word on torq yet.


the old one were 94 rpms

After contacting Taigene we recieved the spreadsheet in the link below.
Free speed was not provided but determined experimentally.
Note that Taigene’s specs are at 8 volts while free speed is at 12.


Do you have a phone number for them? I need to buy some spares.