Taigene van door window motor

Hi, I am looking for the solidworks model for the taigene van door window motor that featured in the 2008 kit of parts. I’ve looked everywhere and haven’t been able to find it. If anyone has it please let me know

Check out the FIRST CAD library under the motor section.

It’s a great source for models of parts, particularly older KOP stuff.

ok thank you

I will add a caveat that a lot of the older ‘automotive’ sourced FRC motors and materials aren’t necessarily the same from year to year, and I have no idea what vintage any particular model in that database is.

The link appears to be dead, probably caused by the retiring of the old USFIRST.org web site.
Does anyone happen to have a new URL for it? Or has anyone captured it’s content?

The first CAD library site was independent of FIRST it’s self. It was maintained by Ed Sparks (a CD member), but he let it lapse a few years ago.

There are some alternative repositories, though nothing quite as good in my experience. Do a search for FIRST CAD library on google or this site to sift through the options.

Give this a go:


If that gives you trouble, just use this dropbox library, courtesy of cd user evanperryg: