Take a gander

Can you guess what this is for?
Congratulations if you do, if not you should go to Milwaukee.


Part of your OI ?

Is that wood glue you used? It kind of looks like it.

either wood glue or rather old hot glue

I see 19 CAT6 cables wired in what appears to be a parallel arrangement of 7 and 12 repsectively. Don’t know why the hot glue but whatever you think you need. I am guessing non-functional decorations or cart decorations. Please don’t tell me this is for CCFL lighting or something equally high voltage. CAT6 insulation is not rated for that.

There are currently 31 sets of ethernet cable. There will be 45.5 sets of 8 in the finished product. No high voltages, no worries. Not part of my OI, very very old hot glue (to prevent bridging of any longer wires). This has something a little bit to do with robots, but not the FIRST robotics robots. There is another hint hidden deep within the picture (it’s a visible clue, no meta data or anything unseen). I’m sure many of you have seen the end result in action.

you can see my cell phone and pepsi bottles from here!
Muahaha, you guys are in for a treat. :smiley:

P.S. … SO MANY FREAKING WIRES…i never am soldering anything after this.

EDIT: I didn’t mean that, i love soldering…

[SARCASM]I know! Its the internet! Right there in front of your eyes. :yikes:

…And I was told it was tubes:rolleyes: [/SARCASM]