Take a Look at the Silver Scorpion

Team 25, Raider Robotix, has posted pictures of our latest robot in near-complete condition and doing its thing on the goals on our site.

All that is not shown is the “sting”, our 32 ft long extendobot mechanism for getting home. Is Dean still offering his “Kamen Points?”

Check out www.raiderrobotix.com and follow the links through to the “Robot Features Page”


How bout a direct link because I looked on your page and still can’t find pictures of your new robot


the direct link to the 2002 page is


Be patient. They are real #$%%$# about the allotted band width and I’m too cheap to buy more.

HEy…firstly great bot…I remeber being with ya’ll ina 625 point match in natslast year…

Is your sole purpose to drag bots…or is it to grab goals…

Also…could those hooks be used to attach on to your team mate in a positive way…for reinforcment?


Team 384

THis is it the robot you’ve all been waiting for :cool:

This is team 25 North Brunswick High newest robot the “Silver Scorpion” :eek: