Talk to me about __________ University

Going to keep this going!
Little bit of a different path than others here…
I attended New Hampshire Technical Institute (a community College) for 2 years getting my associates in Robotics and Automation
It’s an amazing small school for those not knowing what they want to do. Besides Robotics they have an amazing collection of other programs from IT, to mechanical, to general studies. Feel free to reach out to me about them.

I now attend Central Connecticut State University where I study Robotics and Mechatronics engineering tech.
Now because I transferred I am technically a senior standing but I do have 1 more year left to go.
CCSU is a great college located just outside of Hartford and has lots of great facilities, including a brand new rec center (where I am currently trying to get an FRC on or off season event), esports center, and they are currently building a brand new engineering building.
Again any questions about the program here I’m more than happy to answer.

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I am more than happy to answer any questions anyone has about Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

For a wide variety of reasons, I can not recommend any student attend school there. Please do not go to RPI. I’m serious, this isn’t a joke. Between the school’s shaky financial footing, high faculty turnover rate, decades long history of undermining student and faculty rights, the dissolution of the Student Union, their internship-killing Summer Arch program, and inadequate financial and mental support for undergraduates, there are plenty of reasons to consider any other school. For the cost you are paying, even with the standard scholarships, you can get a much better value and experience at other universities.


This thing? Is this, like, required? And you have to pay for it?

If so, that’s got to be nearly the worst idea I’ve ever heard of for any engineering curriculum. Maybe there’s something I’m missing… But whaaaaaa?


I’m happy to answer questions about UC Berkeley. I graduated in December in mechanical engineering, and can answer questions about course selection, on campus research, on/off campus housing, and some stuff about EECS. I can also give rankings of (almost) all the boba places near campus (I was so close and then they had to open more :sob:)

I can also answer questions about the community college -> UC/CSU transfer process and my opinions on the advantages/disadvantages that vs entering as a freshman.

Ask me about Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Graduated last year, Majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Minors in CS, EE, CompSci. I did RHAMP - you should too! And you should live in the BIC! Get ahead of the curve, and get onto fun stuff or getting out!

I’m happy to answer any questions about Clemson University. Currently a freshman Computer Science major in the Honors College and am happy to answer any questions about the CS curriculum and the honors classes.

Feel free to shoot me any of your questions about University of Maryland (College Park). I am a current Undergrad Mechanical Engineering student. I also know all about the SAE clubs on campus and would be more than willing to entertain any questions.

SAE teams are often the next step for many FIRST students after graduating from high school.

Like Katie, I’m an ISU grad (Computer Engineering) and I liked it so much I’ve worked here 35 years since (and I have a son graduating ISU this year). The local 4-H-sponsored teams (1 FRC, 1 new FTC, and a bucketload of FLL/FLLjr) have a great group of ISU student mentors (and more from the ISU and Ames community). Additionally, opening (hopefully) very soon is the Student Innovation Center (a really awesome huge maker space just for students – and not just for classes!). Also here’s a quick list of the Engineering Programs at Iowa State.

Happy to answer any questions you might have.


Feel free to ask me about Louisiana Tech University. Tech’s COES (College of Engineering and Science) is wonderful, with their 1st year Living with the Lab program (which I took) for Engineering Students, and 1st year Living with Cyber program (which I helped test drive an early proposed curriculum) for the Cyber Engr and Computer Science majors. I can probably answer most questions about the university, or at least point you in the right direction, or get in touch/get you in touch with someone who can.

I never graduated from LATech, but I spent 6 years there, 2 studying Cyber Engineering, and then Computer Science. I currently work for a Technology Consulting Firm that rents Office Space on the Campus in their Enterprise Building.

Did u do IFE?

RE-edit - Finally drank some coffee and am less confused than I was.

IFE (Illinois Formula Electric) - I did not participate unfortunately, but I worked in the same lab as them (and have multiple stories). Great group of folks doing super nifty work. 100% recommend. Lots of hours, but you get to travel to awesome competitions, work hands-on on (relatively) big expensive things, and get course credit for doing so. Some of the best student-done electronics design I saw at college was inside the custom steering wheels they designed and manufactured for their car.

iRobotics was my main gig, and how I got started in this whole robotics mentoring thing in the first place (I blame Matt Birkel).

Side note: I can also speak to Bradley University in Peoria IL. EE & Computer Engineering programs are pretty darn good - I didn’t go there, but I’ve spent plenty of time with people who did and can bounce questions off them. Plenty of nearby food recommendations as well.

I thought about doing iRobotics. Decided it would be better if I did something less similar to FRC so I decided to join IFE. (Currently a freshman there). I was just curious if you were an alumni of the team.

iRobotics definitely some cool stuff. I’ve talked to them occasionally about what they’re doing.

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Not a bad choice at all. iRobotics was started by an FRC alumni and, though it’s evolved over the years, still largely retains that flavor. It’s definitely valuable to build a broad base of knowledge and skills, including breaking outside the ecosystem of FIRST tools, schedules, COTS parts, etc. If you’re ever in need of automotive engineering process ideas or assistance, let me or other folks on this forum know - some of us do it for a living :slight_smile: .


Definitely will do. Thanks for the offer!

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Will put in a second recommendation for iRobotics here. We do have teams that compete in an FRC-like competition, but if you want a break from that we have a bunch of other teams that focus on different skills.

We have a 30-lb battlebots competition that teams spend their whole year preparing for, or for a little less investment we also have 1 lb 3D printed competition throughout the year and you can reasonably do in smaller groups. We also have a VEXU team that’s on the rise, a team that competes in the Harvard Pacbot challenge, and we also take project proposals at the start of the year.

You can’t really go wrong with any of the Illinois project groups, but feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about iRobotics or the university in general. ILL!

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Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about UMass Lowell - I’m a Computer Engineering major who changed to Computer Science, so I have experience in both colleges here. In addition I was a campus tour guide for 3 years!

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about Rice University in Houston - I’m majoring in Mech E.


Current freshman there so I’d also be happy to answer questions about the school! I’m a Computer Science major looking to double with Data Science and minor in Robotics and what’d equate to a Business minor, but if your interested in any other major, I’m happy to put you in contact with someone :smiley: .
While my year at Rose, unfortunately, has been cut short, I’m happy to talk about freshman life, pre-freshman programs [I did RHAMP (Accelerated Math and Physics) this summer as well but I have friends who did FTC (Fast Track Calculus)], scholarships, and any other questions you might have. Until their season got cut short, I also helped out with the FRC team that works out of the BIC, the school’s warehouse-sized shop that holds all the competition teams! Anyways, feel free to shoot me a DM: really can’t recommend the school enough thus far :+1:

I’m a freshman at Stanford majoring in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Music! I’m involved in a range of things, from acapella to the ski racing team to the robotics club (duh). I’d love to answer any questions; feel free to send me a private message :smiley:

I’m putting myself out there for Boston University one more time. I’m a junior studying mechanical engineering, and I’m one of the lead mentors of team 246 (gasp). I’ve also gotten my feet wet in a number of other campus organizations.

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