Talking robots

Is it allowed to have another Robot Controller on a robot as long as it is not used to control the robot itself? Let me know if any rules regarding this are found. Thanks from Team 348.

The current cost of a FRC Robot Controller from IFI is $449.95. <R44> says the cost limit for COTS electronic devices is $200.

<Edit> Theoretically, you could use the IFI robot controller as a Non-Functional Decoration, which is allowed under <R44>. However, you’d have to prove that it won’t affect the outcome of the match or go against GP, as defined in <R93>. </Edit>

What is the price of the Edu Robot controller… and would the use of a previous years robot controller be considered exceeding the $200 price limit on electronic components?

What exactly would be the point of having a second controller? You have more than enough PWM, digital, and analog ports on just the first one, so couldn’t you just plug into that one?

By using a second robot controller…even an edu controller I can use a voice synthesizer (like the ones used on automated weather services on vhf radios as well as the one used by Steven Hawking) to make our robot talk without possibly slowing down the main controller. Ya we just had one sitting around the school…no idea how it got there but whatever.This seems like a waste of time but its worth the brownie points w/ judges.

Be careful that your robot doesn’t make any threatening or aggressive remarks to a tetra placing human. That would be “accosting”, which is in violation of rule <S05> :eek:

The EDU controller costs $249 from here
The previous years robot controller would use the undepreciated price per <R19>
So, neither would be legal.

However, there are many other microcontrollers that you could use.

As I mentioned in the other thread about Linux robots, stick an old laptop on there… Leave a speaker on (take the other off for weight!). Communicate via the Program port.

Thanks for replying to my question… we decided to use an old lap top and striped it down to just the mother board. Hopefully it will be worth the work.