Tall Robot or Short Robot?


I think tall bots may be rarer this year due to this high (and dangerously so) center of gravity.


Playing reasonable defense against a tallbot that then falls over due to a high COG design is not going to be a foul (is it?). If the intent is just to disrupt (or even DISRUPT) scoring, then that seems just fine. On the other hand, ramming a robot at top speed that is already tipping and teetering seems like a likely foul. I’m no ref though, so these are just opinions.


I would recommend just staying away from high speed hits on teams that appear to have a high cog


Unfortunately I disagree with you. They will more rarely be successful, though


Your response is totally valid, and yes, they’re success rates will vary a lot this year.


I would hope the refs would be smart enough to not give robots with high cog additional protection and only call that penalty when a robot is contacted mid-tip.


Who’s to say you’re not intentionally trying to take advantage of my high CoG? I’ve seen that penalty called in cases of overaggressive defense regardless of “intent”.


Its hard to place both CARGO and HATCH PANELS as evidenced by Ri3D a little D goes a long way in making it near impossible even without tipping rather bugging… not many safe zones


Like when a robot plays defense and violates G20 where you ride over the other team’s bumpers,

G20. Stay out of other ROBOTS. Initiating deliberate or damaging contact with an opponent ROBOT on
or inside the vertical extension of its FRAME PERIMETER, including transitively through a GAME
PIECE, is not allowed.

I would think that a robot that causes another to tip would be subject to G19

G19. Don’t tear others down to lift yourself up. Strategies aimed at the destruction or inhibition of
ROBOTS via attachment, damage, tipping, or entanglements are not allowed.

Your intent is irrelevent.


The difference between G19 and G20 is the “Strategies aimed at…” phase. Additionally, if all tipping was illegal and intent was irrelevant, wouldn’t it be much easier to just say “Tipping is illegal” similar to G20?


Agree. If a robot executing a defensive strategy involving bumping, blocking, and pinning aimed at slowing scoring inadvertently contributes to a high COG robot tipping, then I can’t see there being a foul called because those teams knew from kickoff the game is designed with unprotected scoring targets. Now, if a robot continuously hammers on a high COG robot with no game piece, and the high COG robot starts teetering, and then the defensive robot obviously deliberately makes it tip over, then yes: foul.

There is plenty of variation among refs though, so you’ve got to be aware of how the field crew is officiating the competition.


I think that the difference between G19 and G20 is that G20 is active, where the robot has to initiate the contact.

You can violate G19 whether you initiate contact or not, especially if it’s an attachment that causes the harm.


Last year at DChamps BOB team 85 was in an intense pushing match with team 2500 (I think) . 2500 end up getting t-boned and tipped over.

While trying to drive around the downed bot they pushed it. It was between the switch and the wall. Tesla match 53

The hit was not penalized. Touching a downed bot drew a yellow card.

I will believe that this year will play the same way.


G17. Downed robots are only protected for 10 seconds. Contacting them during that period intentionally is a yellow card. Unintentional is a foul. I believe this rule was the same in 2018 but I don’t have the manual in front of me. If a robot were to drive full force at you and tip you as a result, and contact occurred immediately after the tipping, I’m sure one of these rules would be violated and the offending team would be carded. I think avoiding aggressive defense is beneficial for everyone involved.