Talon Calibration

So for some reason when I try to go to calibrate one of my talons, it won’t go into its calibration state. Any ideas why? (also i has a constant blinking yellow.)

Talon SRX? If so it has an old firmware version, you should connect it to CAN (connecting it direct to the roboRIO as the only device, temporarily, works fine) and update the firmware, then you can put it back to PWM if you want.

When you calibrate a talon, the talon finds the min and max signals and then makes that the min and max output. If you don’t “hit” the max/min when calibrating, your talon could receive signal without it actually receiving signal, if that makes sense. So when you calibrate, I would move the joystick 360 degrees, just to make sure you hit your max and min

Did you mean orange? The blinking orange on Talon SR means it’s not getting a valid PWM signal.

What calibration procedure are you following?

Make sure the PWM cable is fully plugged in. We had the same problem, turns out the PWM cable just wasn’t fully pushed into the controller.