Talon for intense direction changing

Hi all, I’m looking to use 4 CIM Motors for a drive-train (possibly x drive) on a tennis launcher robot (turret).

I am planning for the drivetrain on the robot to be able to quickly accelerate from one corner of the court to another (distance of 8 meters) and be able to stop and accelerate again in the opposite direction, this cycle would be repeated multiple times, around 5-6 times before the motor gets a few seconds break for the next rally. The overall duration would be about 45 minutes…

That seems like an awful long time to run these motors at such high acceleration and deceleration… would the talons be able to handle all the back emf and heat generated when the motor is braking periodically for 45 minutes, with a few breaks here and there?

I am even considering running water cooling on the outsides of the motors.

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