Talon FX encoder output

Using Talon FX motors. The code appears correct. One of the encoders is outputting almost double the count of the other. By changing nothing except the motor, output is what is expected which leads us to think there is something with the integrated encoder itself. But we don’t see anything in the tool that lets us set anything except the CAN ID.

We had a similar problem where the encoder was reporting that it was spinning a lot faster than it was. Switched out the motor and the problem disappeared. Happened to us twice, once on a shooter motor and once on a swerve azimuth motor. We wrote to Vex/CTRE support about it and they had us send a few pictures of the internals, but we never got a resolution.

If you haven’t already, send us an email at [email protected] and we can walk through some troubleshooting.

My first step would be to factory default the FX, which will reset the selected sensor coefficient in case it’s been accidentally set to something else.

We did a factory reset which appears to have resolved it. These were new out of the box so I assume they came from factory that way. Our team new to using these motors. Thank you for responding.

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