Talon FX - Not outputing encoder reading when PIDLoopIDX is set to 0

When we call a GET.vi for sensors on the Talon FX api, and set the PIDLOOPIDX variable to 0, the return is always zero. Setting the PIDLOOPIDX to 1, we get encoder response.

We are seeing similar behavior in Pheonix Tuner as well. Plots of Velocity from channel 0 show nothing. Plots of Velocity from Channel 1 shows encoder movement.

Anyone else seeing this? Is this a bug or is this supposed to be like this?

It seems to be affecting our Talon FX internal PID. Talon FX is set to factory defaults. Firmware is updated to latest. We are also running example code straight from CTRE github.

Take a self-test snapshot of the Talon FX while your program is running and post it here.
Sounds like your selected feedback device for PID0 isn’t integrated sensor, but the self-test will prove it out.

In Phoenix Tuner is it set to Quadrature. When we set it to integrated sensor, Phoenix tuner did start plotting velocity on channel 0.

In labview, there is no option in the CONFIG SENSOR.vi to choose INT…wait a minute.

Damn, I think I found it. We are using talon SRX example code from GITHUB, I think.

The velocity closed loop example is for a Talon SRX correct. Well, that was a waste of 3 hrs.

Thanks for your help.