Talon Issue

I wrote a program for a Talon speed controller and made it exactly like the other motor progrms that I wrote for Jaguars(which worked perfectly) - the only thing I changed was the

SpeedController motor = new Talon(RobotMap.motorPort);

The program works except for the fact that the motor is always spinning - at a slow rate - but still always spinning - I gave the Jaguar the code to see if it was a programming issue and it worked fine - I exchanged motors - every motor did the same thing.

Does anybody have any idea as to what this could be?

ANY help WILL be appreciated - THANKS!

Calibrate the Talon. Procedure in the User Manual: http://www.crosstheroadelectronics.com/Talon_User_Manual_1_3.pdf

Okay - it fixed it - THANKS!