Talon sr, or SRX?

What type of talon are you using this season?
Personally, we are using at least six talon SRX controllers on our bot, I haven’t counted them, but this may be a problem because we don’t have enough spares. So, which talon would be more reliable to use, the SR or the SRX?

Also, is it possible to mix the two of them for use at the same time, not during competition, but on our test rig? Currently we have a testebed aptly named “ghettobot” which has four talon SR controllers but also has the option to use the two spare SRX controllers we have. Currently we just swap them using a few connectors when we need to work with the SRX, but would it be possible to avoid this and just leave them connected but disabled, as they are hidden under a platform attached to the robot and are hard to get to.
Thanks, any help would be appreciated

There’s no problem in having a speed controller present and powered but with no motor connected.

Do not, under any circumstances, connect the outputs of two speed controllers together.

The SRs have proved to be very reliable so it is a tall bar for the SRXs to beat. The SRXs have more electronics in them, if you are not using canbus the Victor SPs might be a better choice. In either case neither have been out long enough to have fully established a reliability record comparable to the SRs.

While it is best not to mix controllers in a subsystem, I would hesitate to do it at a completion if that is was the only option.

We’re late adopters. Six of the SR on our robot.

We’re using five SRX’s. The SR’s were pretty good, but the SRX’s blow them out of the water.

How so? Assume you are using PWM & no limit switches so you are comparing apples to apples.

Now if you are comparing Talon SRXs to Jag…

the talon srx has a closed casing, but so does the sr. the thing I don’t like about the talon srx is the wires that come pre-attached. if you cut them or strip them you cannot make a mistake, or you’ve got yourself a useless talon. even the CAN wires come preattached, in the model that has them at least, im not sure if there is a PWM model.

also, its perfectly okay to have them plugged into the pdp and running on robot startup, but not connected to the motors?

Same here.

Good thing. We only have five motors (3 H-drive, 2 on lift). The sixth has leads with Anderson connectors on the end. We started laying out the board before we knew what we needed, and while we took the PCB off, we left the unused talons and spikes as spares. (We’re using the spikes for lighting).

Sure. It’s a custom circuit consisting of a very high-value resistor.:wink:

We made a large investment in 24 Talon SRX’s, as our design requires twelve and we’re building a practice bot on top of the competition ones. So far, we’ve been VERY happy with them compared to the Jags we used previously.

There’s quite a bit of wire on the SRX controller, it would take a large quantity of screw-ups to shorten the wire to the point where the SRX becomes unusable. If anything, the integrated wires are a plus because the electronics are physically isolated from the outside environment.

This is true. But, accidents do happen. Especially with our testebed, which unexperienced members use like a toy.

For critical components, we’re also late adopters. 8 SR’s on our bot (1 spare).

We found it easy to just buy a ton of them too, but we didn’t buy enough to have a spare for every one that we actually use. I am impressed with their closed casing, and the way they are generally built allows them to be packed tightly into small spaces. Otherwise, we would be using talon SR controllers instead. They are definitley a improvement over the Jags, but only time will tell how much of a improvement.

Talon SRX’s use CAN, so we can get real-time data on the WebDashboard; they have passive heatsinking; they are microcontrollers, so the PID loop that controls them is offloaded; and it’s almost impossible to get metal shavings in them.

Also CAN wiring is a lot better than PWM wiring.

Late adopters here as well. 5 Sr’s on ours.

some sr’s and some VIC 888s and 884’s

We have 9 SRXs on our bot this year. No complaints yet except our software team commented on some wonky embeded PID loop software, but they got it working.

All nine are on CAN. We crimped PWM cable headers to each end, one male and one female so that the chain has a single direction that can’t be messed up. A small ziptie where the middle wire is missing keeps em together.

We also have sensor input directly into three of them (limits and an analog absolute encoder). Using a few free 10pin cables from Samtec we just made some custom adapters depending on what the sensor is. All in all, we’re very happy.

I don’t think that’s a fair characterization.

The PIDF in the SRX is meticulously documented in the SRX Software Reference Manual, and many teams have commented on how well it works. CTRE’s chief software engineer Omar Zrien monitors these forums and stands ready to personally help any team having problems.

By wonky, I mean it didn’t work the first time they tried it. 30 mins of actually reading the documentation fixed the problem. No complaints since it works well now.