Talon SR orange/red

I have 4 talon sr controllers that I’m having issues with.
When no signal cable is attached, and when they are powered on, they spin full speed in one direction. The led is blinking between orange and red.
Any ideas what could be causing this? Temp is ok. so is voltage.

They need to be calibrated

What you describe sounds like what happens when you connect the motor to the Talon’s power inputs and the power to the Talon’s motor outputs. If they re connected properly now, maybe someone has wired them in reverse in the past and fried them.

The orange/red blinking LED usually indicates low voltage, high temperature, or a shorted FET. It’s supposed to stay disabled if it’s in that fault state, but if a transistor is shorted there’s no guarantee that it won’t provide power to the motor.

I’ve tried holding down the calibration button to no avail. I really hope it wouldn’t be the fet being blown. I don’t know what could have caused that. But all of a sudden all 4 of them are like that.

As Alan said. Blinking orange/red = disabled. Calibration not an issue since the gates should not be powered in disabled. So if the motor is powered, shorted FET is the most likely explanation. Terminals by the PWM cable should be going to the battery. (red +)

The answer to these two questions could provide a clue:

  1. when was the last time they were working properly?

  2. were they re-wired since then ?