Talon SRX breakout board

We (Team 2102) have designed a different breakout board for the Talon SRX which attaches directly to the Talon. In case anyone else is interested, I have attached the Eagle CAD files and the Gerber files for the board. This particular layout has 4 of the designs placed on a 5cm x 5cm board which can be manufactured in china for about $13 (including shipping) for 10 boards (i.e. 40 breakout pieces). If you want to use this, you will also need the connector which can be found here:


Since we had 40 made and won’t be needing that many, if anyone wants some, drop me a note.

TalonSRCBreakout-4up-all.zip (214 KB)

TalonSRCBreakout-4up-all.zip (214 KB)

Very handy! It looks very useful, and a nicer alternative than just the strip one sold by CTRE.

Instead of putting 4 boards on each 5cm x 5cm PCB for overseas manufacture, one could use OshPark in the US; they have no minimum size and ship decently fast (1.5 weeks to arrival after ordering). They charge $5 per square inch for 3 boards, so a 4 square inch board (5cm x 5cm) is only $20 for 3. So you get 12 PCBs for $20, which is not bad considering the lower cost. Or you can order fewer PCBs by splitting up the 5cm x 5cm board.

Unfortunately I cannot open any of those files with Inventor. It would be great if someone could post a few pictures.

Our team just got done ordering a few of these from Andymark, we have yet to test them but I like the overall form factor and features. That said if your breakout boards have similar functionality, I definitely prefer your price point. :rolleyes:

Or team designed and have tested these boards. We will have some to sell, just don’t know how many.

They do not. These boards are literally breakouts, breaking out the .5" 10 pin connector on the Talon SRX into .1" spaced pins. The ones you pointed to have other functionality.

Also, http://www.gerber-viewer.com, for those who want to view these without installing EAGLE.

Also note that Eagle CAD has a freeware version (which is what we used):


Here is a screen shot of the board layout. I will try and post a picture of it installed on the Talon