Talon SRX Breakout

Hello all!

Lee Mracek, Electrical Lead from MVRT (Team 115 in California) presenting our Talon SRX breakout board. It supports reverse and forward limit switches with LEDs indicating their state, as well as quadrature and analog encoders. The analog encoder header can be switched between 3V and 5V using a microswitch mounted on the board. The board piggybacks directly on to the Talon, so no ribbon cable is required! The board also supports shrouded connectors (not provided)

  • We’re selling it here on eBay
  • Eagle CAD schematic can be found here
  • Gerber files can be found here.
  • And a bill-of-materials can be found here!

We’ll also be giving out a limited number of pre-surface mounted and soldered boards at SVR and Utah Regional!

Very nicely done!