TALON SRX built-in PID controller with Navx as a feedback device?


Do you guys know if it is possible to use the navx with the talon srx built in pid?

Thank you.


I don’t believe so in the sense of plugging a NavX into the TalonSRX to run a PID system, but one thing that is possible and has been done many times before is using heading/yaw data from the NavX to turn the robot, but this requires a bit of code and is not a “built in” functionality. Hope this helps!!


I did not mean to plug the navx directly into the talon. I mean to use the data sent by the navx like the yaw angle as the control feedback for the talon built-in pid. I guess it’s not possible.


In most cases, full PID control won’t be necessary and P alone is enough. You can write your own P controller quickly and easily:

yawError = targetYaw - gyro.getAngle();
yaw = kP * yawError

The yawError is the difference between the set point (targetYaw) and the current position. Then multiply the error by the proportional gain (kP) to get the controller output, yaw.


Unfortunately I do not think it is possible. Perhaps you can use the MotionProfileArc control mode with the CTRE Pigeon IMU.


huuh ok. I wanted to use the magic motion feature of the talon, I guess I would have to implement my own. Thank You though!