Talon SRX Data Cable Length Limit

As the title states, is there a limit to how long you can make the cable without loss of data or something or can it be however long you wish.

And also, how do you make the cable? Any crimper needed or something?

Did you try using the search function before posting this question? 5 minutes of searching gave a number of relevant threads:


We have always bought our cables here, and extensions here. CTRE also sells a kit to make custom length cables, but it’s out of stock at the moment

There’s no true, set-in-stone length limit, but there’s an extremely high amount of EMI (electromagnetic interference) on typical FRC robots (due to brushed motors, motor controllers with poor RF characteristics, etc), so it’s usually a good idea to try to put the controller within a foot or two of the sensor then run CAN to the controller — CAN is designed to tolerate extreme EMI.

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