Talon SRX Encoder Breakout with SPARK MAX

I know the SPARK MAX’s Data port is pin compatible with the Talon SRX Data port, but I was wondering if there were any compatibility concerns if we wanted to use Limit Switches attached to a Talon SRX Encoder Breakout with the Spark MAX Controller. We have no plans to use the encoder inputs as we are using a NEO Motor with the controller in question.

I’d just get some the SPARK MAX Breakout Boards from REV, but we don’t have any currently, we needed to change out the motor these switches are being used with (consolidating a mechanism) and we have a Wk One Competition we want to use this at.

Any info is very helpful!

No concern here. As the pinout is the same the breakout board will perform as expected.
The board is just a (cleaner) way of connecting wires together, but there is no electronic on it (black) or simple level switching (blue) for 5V encoder compatibility.

Electrically, it should work OK. I’m not sure if the gadgeteer ports on the two controllers are the same depth, or if installing the SRX breakout would perhaps cover up something best left uncovered. Personally, if time weren’t a concern, I’d use a gadgeteer cable and a gadgeteer breakout.


If you want these, I can bring one or two of each up to Little Rock on Wednesday.

We are using an extension cable as the Talon Encoder breakouts do not mate directly to the port. I was more just curious about the couple of passive components on the board being an issue, either with the limit switch digital inputs, or it messing with the NEO’s Encoder.

If you could that would be nice, we haven’t tested the board with power yet, but we will be hopefully tomorrow.