Talon SRX Encoder Type? Closed Loop Problems

Reading in the CrossRoad manuals, it references using a 360 CPR encoder for the hardware requirement for the Talon SRX. We have a 1000 CPR US Digital Encoder. We don’t see a way to change the encoder type or (2x,4x) sampling in the Talon SRX. Did we over look something?

Also, is there a sample of Labview somewhere that shows a Talon SRX in closed loop position mode? We are not able to get a close loop mode on the Talon working yet, which might be related to our feedback sensor type and configuration at a hardware level.

I’m presuming that you found this reference here in section 17.1? It just uses a 360CPR encoder as an example.

There is no specific CPR specification for the Talon SRX–neither the talon nor the wpilib CANTalon class care about the counts per revolution of the encoder; all positions are expressed in terms of numbers of counts, so so long as you don’t move your encoder so fast that the talon can’t count, you should be fine (unless you are doing something particularly odd, this won’t be an issue).

I can’t find any other references to a 360 count per revolution encoder in the Talon SRX documentation available through vex, but if you are seeing something else, please reference it.

360 CPR encoder for the hardware requirement for the Talon SRX

Where does it say that? There is no practical limit on CPR. Latest User guide says 80million divided by your peak RPM is the limit.

Also the Talon is always in 4x mode (read Section 21.8 in software reference manual)

@James yes that was the section we found. It does use the words “example”. I think after tinkering with it alittle more tonight, me and my lead student figure it out. We have moved on to “tuning” now. Thanks everyone.