Talon SRX Firmware Update Error

Hey everyone,
We’re trying to update one of our SRXs from v. 1.1 to 2.0, but we’re getting the error 80040383. I’ve looked around but I can’t figure out exactly what this means. Does anyone have any ideas as to what it is and how to resolve it?

Screenshot? (either on this post or just send an email to [email protected]).


You have to hotlink when posting from Imgur.


Edit: But that screenshot is a tad large and will stretch the page, I removed the img tag.

I just sanity checked flashing my talon down to 1.1 and back up to 2.0 so no problems there.

Which browser is that? If you cleanly close/reopen the browser, does Talon4 still show up. If you check the Light Device LED and press save, does the Talon rapid-blink it’s LEDs (just a soft check that the browser is working and wiring is good?).

Turns out it was a false alarm, something had come loose while we were connected so we didn’t have any CAN communications whatsoever even though all the talons were displayed on the application. Updating firmware on a nonexistent talon proves to be quite difficult. Sorry for the mixup.

No Prob, that’s why manually refreshing the browser is helpful to sanity check the live-ness of things.