Talon SRX Limit Switch not Working


I’m using 4x Talon SRX using the latest firmware for the hero-board (NON-FRC). I wired up limit switches to my talon SRXs and I’m experiencing a weird behavior.

  1. The limit switch when depressed does not stop the motor in either directions
  2. The motors seem to be able to run and seem to be jerky

Here is what I have ensured

  1. My switch is normally open and my Talon SRX is configured to be normally open
  2. Printing out _talon_1.IsRevLimitSwitchClosed() shows that the limit switches are being registered as the boolean flips to true when I depress the limit switch
  3. The wiring is from pin 4 to pin 10 (GND) for forward limit switch
  4. I have also tested the connection to make sure that it was indeed shorting the two points together when the limit switch was depressed

The code I am running is very similar to the default joystick example using the following two points to take joystick commands
if (_gamepad.GetButton(kEnableButton)) // check if bottom left shoulder buttom is held down.
/* then enable motor outputs*/



Does anyone know what I could do for my next troubleshooting steps as the limit switch should stop any reverse commands at the hardware level right? Also it definitely has an effect as my robot can no longer drive straight once and seems to stutter once the limit switch is depressed.


I tried the following two commands and printing out the sticky faults, it seems like I can detect the limit switches closing but it doesn’t change the sticky fault value