Talon SRX Magic Motion with NavX

Another mentor and I are learning some of the software and control for robots. We are doing this so we can teach our students next year.

We have successfully implemented PID using 2 encoders for distance and angle. (Thanks for the previous help) We would like to now add an IMU and specifically the NavX. The sample code from CTRE has an example using their IMU, Pigeon. We are struggling to adapt it for the NavX.

The code I want to alter is this…

		/* Configure the Pigeon IMU to the other remote slot available on the right Talon */

The Pigeon and Talon SRX are both CAN devices so I don’t know if what we want to do is possible.

Thanks for your help.


The NavX cannot be used as a remote feedback sensor for Phoenix motor controllers.

Thank you. I am glad I am doing this project. We are learning so much.

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