Talon SRX Max Encoder Speed

We’ve been looking into using encoders on our redlines this year and as I was doing so I was curious as to if there is a maximum speed the talons will measure from a quadrature encoder and if so what that is. I know that the encoder itself will have a limit as to how fast it can measure but I was wondering if the talon might also be a bottleneck or if that shouldn’t be an issue.

Interesting, I’m not aware of an upper limit, but surely there has to be one.
My advice, is that if you think you might hit that limit, you probably don’t need the encoder running that blazingly fast. You can probably safely gear it down (just the encoder). I suspect at high RPM, backlash won’t really be a thing.

I do know however that the Spark MAX Alternate Encoder configuration is not designed for high RPM inputs.

According to

The maximum pulse rate is 80M/maxRPM, so 80 million pulses per minute, or 1.16M pulses per second.


I think the same manual says the max is roughly 20,000 RPM which jives with GeeTwo’s numbers (20000 * 4096 = just over 80 million).

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