Talon SRX not resetting properly

Hello, my team is using Talon SRXs mainly because we wanted to experiment with its capabilities such as Motion Magic and Motion Profiling. However, since we have started experimenting with them last year, our talons would never reset properly. By resetting, this is the following function that we execute:

public void resetEncoders() {

Every time we call this function, the leftMaster tends to go back to 0, but the rightTalon will always be at some hundred ticks e.g. 500 ticks. We don’t understand why this keeps happening even though that is the only function we call. Any help would be appreciated and thanks for helping out.

Have you factory defaulted the talons before attempting to use them? This sounds like an erroneous config that you missed.

If a factory default doesn’t resolve your issue take a self test of the misbehaving talon and post here.

We fixed the issue, we tried a reset but still the right talon was a little finicky, just replaced that talon and it was fine after that, thanks for helping out.

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