Talon SRX not responding

While initially testing our robot last night, we noticed that our shoulder and elbow on the robot was not moving. Both shoulder and elbow motors are run off of talon srxs. The night before, we checked and made sure all addresses were correct, and while testing the motors last night, the talons were flashing, just like the other working ones on the drivetrain. But, the button values dedicated to making the motors move are getting true value, so my thought is that I am not opening and/or calling the talons the right way. I included a pic of the code for the elbow motor. For reference, we are using the command and control system for labview. Any help would be appreciated, because I am not sure how to resolve it.

I might be mistaken (I haven’t used LabVIEW for FRC in a few years now), but I believe to set a CAN motor controller you need to use the Set VI from the 3rd party library, not from the general motor Set VI.

@Mark_McLeod might be able to give a more definite answer.

I agree with @AriMB. I would switch the Motor: “Set Output” for the Talon SRX: “Set”.

Me three :slight_smile:

Here’s a sample usage for a single motor like you’re using.


Thank you everyone! I will see if that will fix it tonight.

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