Talon SRX not visible on CAN

Our Talon SRX was working fine for several days while we were driving the robot. However, it just stopped working and we have no idea why. It is not visible on the roborio and sits there flashing green. According to the manual, flashing green means calibration or forward movement, but its not outputting anything and we never triggered calibration, so we have no idea whats wrong. Any help would be appreciated!

It sounds like the BC calibration button is stuck it held down. Can u try press/releasing the BC cal button?

Yup the button was held down. Do you know what causes this? Is it the large bumps from going over obstacles?

I have not seen this occur in the past. It is mostly caused by a sharp object getting into the button and pushing it hard. Often a dropped tool.

I don’t remember seeing anything. Could it have been the screw that holds the breakout cable cover?

Not in my experience.