Talon SRX not working

So about ten minutes before this problem, the Talon SRX’s were doing perfectly fine. Then we took a piece of plastic off of the robot and they stopped working. Now, I try to turn on a motor and the SRX will blink red and amber, with a few spurts of green, like it’s trying really hard to turn on. The SRX’s use CAN.
Thanks for the help!

We have tried re-imaging the RIO. A Talon SR with PWM also did the same thing. CAN is not the problem, because all of the motors appear in the webdash. I even made another tester program with just one motor and that didn’t work either.

Can you be a little more specific about what kind of plastic you took off the robot if you think that is the cause of your problems. Is it possible in doing so you bumped the roboRIO and dislodged something inside or something? Or maybe a setting on your laptop changed? Weird that the problem would affect both CAN and PWM if it’s not software.

Our team spend 2 hours debugging an SRX problem last night with similar symptoms (our first year with CAN speed controllers…) I would suggest checking the CAN configuration page on the roborio web interface, and make sure that the “soft limits” are NOT enabled. As soon as we unchecked those, voila - it moved again! I don’t know exactly how the soft limits work do but the motors didn’t move at all; you could see the lights blinking in the pattern as if a limit switch was closed.

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Did you look up the blink codes in the Talon SRX manual?

Alternating red/orange, with the colors swapping sides each blink, means “damaged hardware”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one doing that myself. I’d just replace the Talon (after double-checking the wiring, of course). You should also contact the manufacturer for suggestions.

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Check your wiring. We’ve seen similar things happen when connections along the CAN lines are not perfectly secure. I’d suggest these, if you’re having trouble keeping secure, consistent connections.