Talon SRX PID feedback LabVIEW example

Could somebody post an example of how to implement a PID loop on the CAN Talon SRX in LabView? The software reference guide only tells you how in C. (Section 18) It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help me.

Section 18 is not a C++ code example. It is the verbatim PIDF implementation in the Talon firmware. The Talon firmware is not open-source, but I felt teams would still benefit to see how the PIDF is implemented in the Talon firmware to best understand how to leverage it.

Each section in the software ref manual has an LV example for individual parameters (like gain setting, selecting feedback device, flipping sensor direction, selecting the mode). Use a pdf viewer that can show you the bookmarks, and expand the bookmarks to quickly navigate thru the LabVIEW examples.

So for example Section 12.1.1 has the LV example for gain setting, an important part of closed-looping.

Bottom of section 11.1 has a list of signals that you might be interested…

Beyond the Motor Control Profile Parameters, closed-loop modes requires selecting
-which control mode (position or velocity)
-which feedback sensor to use
-if the feedback sensor should be reversed
-if the closed-loop output should be reversed
-what is the latest target or set point
-the global ramp rate (if specified)
-which Motor Control Profile Slot to use.

What you are asking for is already one of the included LabVIEW examples.

Ok, Thank both of you guys!