Talon SRX questions

Hey! I have a few question on the new Talon SRX

  1. Compatible Encoders, limit switches and pots to use with the data port?

  2. When using a single encoder with with a 2 or 3 cim gear box where would you wire the 4 cables. To one Talon, to all of the Talons or just to the roborio?

Any limit switch that can provide ground to the Talon limit switch input pin will work. So basically any limit switch.

The quadrature pins are 3.3V level, 5V tolerant. So 3.3V and 5V quadrature encoders are both supported.

Encoder breakouts…

3.3V analog sensors are also supported (potentiometer or active sensors like magnetic encoders for example).

If you want to use a 5V analog sensor, you can use the analog encoder breakout which level shifts a 5V signal into a Talon SRX compliant 3.3V.

Please read the Talon SRX User’s Guide for more info.
(http://www.crosstheroadelectronics.com/control_system.html at bottom)

Every motor gets power from an individual motor controller. However you can programmatically instruct one Talon SRX to follow the throttle of another. See the Talon SRX Software Reference Manual for how to do that using programming API.