Talon SRX sensor

Hello, this is the first time my team joining FRC and we are using talon SRX for our mecanum wheels drive. We are trying to get feedback on the motor speed to maintain a constant speed. Do we need a sensor to hook up to the Talon SRX to achieve this? I tried to look through the Talon SRX documentation and I am confused about integrated PID control (does it mean I don’t need extra sensor to have close loop control)?


Yes, you will still need a sensor if you want a velocity controlled loop. I recommend CTRE’s Mag Encoder as they will work out of the box with the Talon SRX, and the CTRE library already supports its use with a lot of documentation. The integrated PID loop allows you to run your closed loop control locally on the Talon SRX. However, if you use a current controlled loop, you will not need a sensor as the Talon SRX can retrieve it’s current at any given time. If you have any further questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

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