Talon SRX SetVoltageRampRate()

Where should SetVoltageRampRate() be called for the Talon SRX using CAN?

We are using the Command-based Robot framework in C++. We have been struggling with where to call SetVoltageRampRate() and what values to use for the parameters.

We have found threads and the software manual for the Talon SRX that describe the parameter. However, it’s not clear where the call should be made from.

Thanks for the help,

You can call it anytime. You can call it once or periodically, it will have the same result either way. You really can’t go wrong. Are you having trouble with your robot?

Section 6.4 talks about the slowest ramp possible (~10% per sec). Maybe start with 50% throttle per second (which is 6V per second depending on what language you are using). That’s a slow enough ramp to visibly see it work.