Talon SRX Solid Red/Green Lights


During our out-of-bag time yesterday (we’re a FIM team), we noticed some odd behavior from our Talon SRXs while driving. When driving forward, one pair would blink green and the other pair would blink red (expected behavior). When driving backwards, the first pair would be solid red and the second pair would blink green (the flip is expected, the solid red is not).

Upon reading the Talon SRX user manual on the CTRE page, I didn’t find any information pertaining to any solid colored lights other than orange. Our motors appear to be functioning as desired because our robot is driving normally.

Does anyone know where I can find information about this/have experience with this?

The rate of flashing indicates the speed, so I think your Talon is just running at max speed.
You can check the users guide here for future reference (page 32).

When driving backwards, does the side of the first pair of Talon SRX start veering very slightly when driving backwards? I assume it does, because if it doesn’t, then I’m confused why one side would be solid and the other blinking if the driving is normal backwards. :confused: