Talon SRX Stand Alone?

Is there any tool that allows you to run a Talon SRX by itself. Similar to how you can run a PWM motor controller with http://www.andymark.com/product-p/am-2671.htm. This would be really nice if you could and still access all the controller nice motor controller feature the Talon SRX has.

That product is using an Arduino controller to send the pwm to the motor controller, in a nice package. CTRE sells the Hero controller, to talk CAN to the SRX in much the same manner.


You need to come up with the nice packaging, and the potentiometer.

You could either use the Motor Meter connected to the SRX, if you use it in PWM mode, OR you can use the CTRE Hero which has CANTalon support built in. Alternatively you could use any other CAN-enabled microcontroller development board, but you’d probably have to make a library.

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There is not a way to run a TalonSRX over CAN (with control loops, voltage ramping, etc.) without a RoboRIO or CTRE’s own Hero board. However, you can still use the SRX in PWM mode using the product you mentioned.

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My question would be what exact features you need, and in what situation is it too much work to do with a RoboRIO?

We use a Thrifty Throttle mainly to test prototypes, and in those cases we’re not trying to do any kind of closed feedback, voltage compensation, etc. that we do on the finished mechanism. It’s possible to wire a Talon SRX to take a PWM signal, but I wouldn’t dedicate such an expensive part to something that a Spark or Victor can do the same.

If you want to avoid writing code, you can do some stuff with the Talons through the RoboRIO web interface (I haven’t looked into this very much beyond “blink LED” to make sure I have the right id’s). But it sounds to me like you want to cut out most of the control system entirely. I don’t think there’s any easy way to do that.

what i would like to do i have a setup so we could tune a PID controller really fast for prototypes using the web interface without having to write any code. Since we do not have many Roborio around. This could also be a easy way to teach students how PID work

You can’t tune PID with the web interface, it does require code to work. To teach PID you could use an Arduino, but that requires some overhead. I would recommend setting up a test bench type setup with a few motors and sensors and a RoboRIO and using PID to control the motors (set to a certain position, hold at a set speed).

Good to know. We currently do the test setup with the roborio just would be nice to get a cheap version so we could have a more 1 to 1 robot to student ratio

As mentioned the HERO board, which has a number of modules including a screen, can be had pretty cheap (especially relative to the price of a RoboRIO), but the packaging and the code for a nice interface (the HERO programs in C#) is on you.

Having a code/rio free method to tune PIDs on the talon would be nice. I bet by the time I get around to it, CTR will have their own version better than the one I will throw together.

yea i am thinking about doing something on the HERO. Could be a fun project

Hero + logitech F710

Hero + GADGETEER WIFI MODULE and just connect with your phone.

now that would be cool

I would do HERO + display + controller. Display to display your selections and the controller to modify PID constants. Altogether around $100 but it can control your whole robot.