Talon SRX very hot


One of our brand new Talon SRXs is very hot. It’s plugged into the PDP but not being used. In fact there is no motor on it. Wiring appears fine, no stray strands. We have some ideas of things to check but wanted to ask advice first.


make sure the output wires are not shorted or are touching the frame or other metallic parts of the robot in any way.


If the talon srx is properly hooked up with no shortage of metal to wire, I would suggest mounting them to a metal frame or plate to dissipate the heat coming from the srx.


also if there is no motor attached to a motor controller, it is generally good practice to remove the breaker at that pdb spot, only have breakers for slots that are actively in use on mechanisms.


The wires were not touching. Would not having a motor connected cause it to heat up?


it shouldn’t, but I would still disconnect the breaker, test it with a motor too, does it get less hot, more hot, run some tests, it could be faulty, or just some weird issue, talons will get warm at idle, but i’ve never had one be “very hot”, are you still sending code to it, even though it isn’t connected to a motor?


also you mentioned the wires were not touching, but did you also check, like I said, that they are not touching the frame, or any other non insulative part of the robot, because that would cause a short as well, although i would also expect some other thinks to get killed as well if that was the case.


Are the wires generating heat too, or just the body of the SRX itself?

If the wires are hot, the heat is probably caused by resistance from an external short. As others have said, check to make sure the wire ends aren’t touching anything conductive that could be shorting them together, even momentarily.

If the wires aren’t hot, the heat is probably coming from some internal defect in the SRX. A motor controller that is plugged in but not given any commands should not be generating any significant heat, even if thermally isolated. I would contact CTRE and see if they have any recommendations for checking what the problem is, or they may ask you to send it to them for inspection/replacement.


Thanks. The talon had just been hooked up and had not even been mapped out IDed out whatever the first step is. The wires had insulated crimps on them. Will do as you advised.
Do not remember if the wires were warm.


I have to ask the stupid question. black wire is connected black Wago on the PDB. Red wire connected to red Wago on the PDB. Green and white motor wires not connected and insulated. Command wires disconnected or not enabled. It has never been connected in any other way. Even for a tiny bit. In this state, the Talon should not be heating up. if it is it sounds broken. CTRE has good customer service. Talk to them directly.


Yes to all except it was connected to can bus.


I agree. http://www.ctr-electronics.com/contacts-us

My guess is improper wiring - but direct communication is faster for troubleshooting that sort of issue.


Problem solved. I spoke with a very helpful and thorough gentleman at CTRE and he discovered the problem was actually a bad ribbon cable. It was crimped slightly off and was shorting. We might not have ever figured this out because we did not know it was possible to short with a low voltage signal wire.
Additional info. Lights to the Talon would come on and off intermittently but come on every time the ribbon cable was removed.