Talon SRXs do not enable with robot

Hiya, we are having an issue where the talon srxs continue to indicate that the robot is disabled after the robot is enabled. The robot is not failing to enable, the rsl indicates that it is enabled. We have had all wiring checked multiple times, we have not found any issues in the wiring. There are no error codes in the driver station at all. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve it?

What does phoenix tuner show for these SRX’s when the robot is enabled?

Is it all devices, or just a couple?


CAN, the Phoenix Tuner shows all devices

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Right, but does it show them reporting as enabled or no? If the LEDs show disabled, then I’d expect not.

Also, is it all CAN devices showing as disabled? All TalonSRX’s? Just a couple TalonSRX’s? I’m trying to identify the scope of the issue.

Finally, is there any output in the driverstation console (click gear symbol and “View Log File”)

Share your code on Github or somewhere like it and we can probably help see what’s going on.

Edit to add: Can you properly drive the motor controller with Phoenix Tuner?

  1. It does not show then as reporting enabled.
  2. All TalonSRXs, the Spark Max does not seem to be having any issues.
  3. I do not know, I will have to check that on Tuesday